LLC "MСC-Shaftproject"
Construction control
(technical supervision)
MCC-Shaftproject professionally performs project management functions in construction.
Technical customer

In accordance with current legislation the developer may engage a technical customer - an individual acting on a professional basis, or a legal entity-to perform its functions.

The technical customer authorized by the developer, on its behalf, enters into contracts for the performance of engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, major repairs of capital construction objects, prepares technical tasks for the performance of these types of work, approves the project documentation, signs the documents necessary to obtain permission to put the capital construction object into operation, and performs other functions provided for by current legislation.

Construction control

Construction control (technical supervision) is a quality control of construction, which is carried out in the process of construction, reconstruction, major repairs of capital construction objects, in order to check whether the work performed meets the design requirements, requirements of technical regulations, results of engineering surveys, and requirements of the urban planning plan of the land plot.

The work of the construction control service is as follows:

  • Control of compliance of actual results with project decisions;
  • Control of construction deadlines;
  • Quality control of construction materials used at the site;
  • Quality control of construction and installation works performed and their compliance with existing standards;
  • Verification of documentation (quality documents, certificates, etc.) for construction materials, mechanisms, products and structures used on the site to assess their quality;
  • Upon detection of defects in the production of works-control over their elimination;
  • Participation in the intermediate acceptance of the most important construction sites (structures, elements, etc.);
  • Participation in the acceptance of work performed on the construction stages;
  • Participation in the acceptance of construction, engineering and installation equipment delivered to the construction site after checking its quality and readiness for work;
  • Control over the volume, sequence, and timing of construction and installation work;
  • Checking technical documentation and logs that are being carried out during the construction process. Tracking inconsistent and unsubstantiated changes to project and technical documentation;
  • Control over the implementation of instructions and regulations of the author's supervision and state control bodies.
Financial and construction audit

  • Verification of design and estimate documentation;
  • Audit of the estimated cost of the project, taking into account specific construction technologies;
  • Assessment of the quality of work performed and completeness of Executive documentation;
  • Verification of accounting documents;
  • Calculation of production, technological and construction risks of the investment project implementation;
  • Control of the status of the title and permission documents for registration of commissioning of the object.
Technical and technological consalting

Independent evaluation of existing or newly designed production, including design decisions made, with recommendations for the following purposes:

  • Improving the efficiency of individual process areas and the enterprise as a whole;
  • Optimization of accepted design technical and technological solutions;
  • Introduce new technologies;
  • Determining the causes of infrastructure and equipment failures and malfunctions;
  • Development of measures to improve fault tolerance;
  • Improving the reliability and stability of technological processes.