LLC "MСC-Shaftproject"
Innovative activities
Surveys, use of modern and advanced materials for shaft lining and waterproofing.

Development of new engineering solutions

Machine sinking of shafts
(RF patent 2012)
New types of shaft lining
(RF patent 2015)
Rock plugging
(RF patent 2018)
Surveys, use of modern and advanced materials for shaft
lining and waterproofing.
LLC "MСC-Shaftproject", together with specialists of Russian University of Transport (MIIT), has developed "Shakhta", the in-house unique software for calculation of shaft and tunnel linings by finite element method.

"Shakhta" software has been granted with the Certificate of Compliance issued by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency, and permit for use issued by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.
Scientifically grounded calculation of shaft lining parameters allows the following:
Efficient distribution of lining throughout the length
Considerable reduction in overall cost of lining
Necessary reliability and duration
To perform sophisticated calculations based on the finite element method and modelling of lining behaviour in various mining and geological conditions, we have NVIDIA TESLA, a supercomputer with computational power over 1 teraflops ( ~ 1012 calculations per second) with a computing platform built on multiprocessing system Intel XEON, fit with back-end processors Quadro K5000 and Tesla C2075 (1536 computation cores). This equipment allows processing immense amount of information, including:

  • solution of complex geomechanical tasks (plasticity, creep, viscous plasticity, etc.) in 3D version
  • optimization of design process in 3D CAD systems (Inventor and others)
  • detailed forecast of behaviour of underground construction complex objects in different periods of construction and operation
Cooperation in the field of advanced mining developments with
leading Russian and world's companies