LLC "MСC-Shaftproject"
Freezing of rocks
Our specialists referring to both Russian and international standards perform the entire range of works for sinking underground workings by special methods - freezing rocks (design, drilling, freezing) in severe mining and geological conditions.
Our company is focused on using high-performance equipment by world's biggest manufacturers in mining industry such as: Arctos Industriekalte AG, Deilmann-Haniel Mining System GmbH, Atlas Copco, SIEMAG TECBERG Mining Equipment Co., Ltd, INCO engineering, Robbins and others.
LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" designs:
- shafts (calculation of shaft lining, waterproofing arrangements, rock freezing, grouting, construction technology)
- underground workings
- top shaft works
- shaft steel structures and non-standardized equipment
LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" carries out construction of shafts, underground workings, including:
- active and passive rock freezing
- shaft sinking along with erection of permanent lining
- construction of underground workings
- installation of steel structures
Design of shafts includes the following calculations and structures
- lining (concrete, reinforced concrete, cast-iron tubings, steel concrete)
- rock freezing (for severe mining and geological conditions), including monitoring of temperature conditions of freezing pipes
- rock grouting (with cement and sand grout slurries and polymer resins)
Equipment and calculations

Freezing of the water-flooded zone is made by means of LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" in-house equipment manufactured by ARCTOS Industriekalte AG (Austria).

Freezing plants are easy-to-install container-type assemblies based on screw compressors with an automatic control system. Freon R507 is used as coolant. Plants exhibit high efficiency allowing low-temperature freezing at the temperature down to -38°С.

Plants are cooled by air (water cooling is not required). Formation of ice wall in vertical shafts under construction is monitored by means of high-tech fiber-optic cables laid in three temperature control wells.

Calculation of freezing process is limited to estimation of the freezing station power and the time required for creating an ice wall of the required thickness with specified thermophysical and strain characteristics.

One of the main parameters characterizing the economic feasibility of freezing method is an ice wall thickness: when exceeded, it leads to significant growth of rock amount frozen, when undersized, it leads to destruction of an ice wall and breakthrough of underground waters. Both cases add a lot to the cost and period of underground construction.

After shaft sinking is competed, natural or artificial thawing of rocks is performed against an individual project.

After the ice wall has thawed and all the freezing equipment has been removed, freezing and temperature control wells are to be abandoned. Abandoning shall start only after all shaft lining within the freezing section and waterproofing of tubing lining are completed.