LLC "MСC-Shaftproject"
Inspection of underground and top shaft works
We inspect technical condition of shafts, using non-destructive methods as well, and develop repair solutions.
LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" designs and constructs shafts and underground and surface infrastructures, inspects technical condition and develops solutions for repair of shafts.

LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" has a relevant experience in:
- calculations of shaft linings, in severe mining and geological conditions as well, with the use of special working methods (freezing, plugging);
- model analysis with the use of specialized software systems;
- lining waterproofing (waterproofing arrangement, barriers, plugging).

Inspection of the vertical shaft includes additionally the following:
- analysis of the project and engineering documentation;
- determination of intervals and number of sampling points;
- inspection of lining before installation of sampling bases;
- estimation of the stress-strain state of lining;
- estimation of lining material strength;
- conclusion concerning load-bearing ability and rigidity of existing lining with recommendations for development of the working documentation.

All works are performed by specialists of LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" in compliance with the requirements of "Safety Measures during Mining Operations and Reprocessing of Solid Minerals", SNIP 3.02.03-84 "Underground Working", SNiP 11-02-96 "Engineering Survey for Construction".

Significant amount of underground works inspection is carried out in cooperation with JSC "VIOGEM" (Belgorod).

LLC "MСC-Shaftproject" and JSC "VIOGEM" have signed a participation agreement on cooperation in December of 2017.

JSC "VIOGEM" was established in 1959 and is the major CIS institute dedicated to solution of numerous mining-related problems.

16 research laboratories, design sectors and a production group introducing institute's developments in production function in the institute.

Custom works for major mining companies of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Ural, Yakutia and other CIS regions are carried out.

The institute has been recognized as a leader in protection of underground workings against inundation, industrial water engineering works, geo information systems, environmental protection.

Besides, OAO "VIOGEM" has an actual experience in investigation of shafts, measurement of lining's stress-strain state and its monitoring.

Works performed by OAO "VIOGEM":
- environmental impact assessment of the planned activity;
- development of section "List of environment protection measures";
- estimating the possibility of removing in-place reserves within boundaries of an abandoned target along with development of technical and economic assessment substantiation, of writing-off mineral resources or their further accounting in the state balance;
- estimating the possibility of using wastes resulting from production and reprocessing of mineral raw materials containing commercial components or fitting for production of construction materials;
- determining the procedure, regularity, equipment support for supervision of mining working and their environmental impact (mining and environmental monitoring) for the period of stabilization of hydrodynamic behaviour and processes of strata and earth surface movement during abandonment of the target;
- estimation of caving processes within the abandoned target, taking account of layout of surface buildings and works;
- development of measures to support strength of underground workings or to cause their artificial falling thus avoiding caving and impermissible strains;
- development of measures to prevent subsoil and water from being polluted;
- development of measures to prevent adjoining underground workings from being flooded and violation of subsurface water hydrogeological behaviour;
- development of measures to prevent buildings, structures, underground and surface utilities located within the coverage of the abandoned shaft from being damaged;
- development of measures to avoid intensification of hazardous mechanical geological processes (landslides, rock falls, etc.);
- development of measures to protect mining operations from underground waters and to ensure safe and favourable conditions for mineral removal.